Andrew R. Gehrke

In the most broad sense, I am interested in the molecular mechanisms underpinning animal diversity. In particular, my research involves attempting to elucidate how changes in gene regulatory systems can contribute to development and evolution.

My research involves a combination of model and non-model systems to study the regulatory architecture underlying appendage evolution. Currently, I am using zebrafish transgenics to screen for enhancers that may be involved in both fin and limb evolution.

Selected Publications

Schneider, I., I. Aneas, A.R. Gehrke, R.D. Dahn, M.A. Nobrega, and N.H. Shubin. Appendage expression driven by the Hoxd Global Control Region is an ancient gnathostome feature. PNAS 108(31), 12782-12786 (2011). (PubMed)

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Lesch BJ, Gehrke AR, Bulyk ML, Bargmann CI. 2009. Transcriptional regulation and stabilization of left-right neuronal identity in C. elegans. Genes & Development 23(3): 345-358.

Berger MF*, Badis G*, Gehrke AR*, Talukder S*, Philippakis AA, Peña-Castillo L, Alleyne TM, Mnaimneh S, Botvinnik OB, Chan ET, Khalid F, Zhang W, Newburger D, Jaeger SA, Morris QD, Bulyk ML, Hughes TR. 2008. Variation in homeodomain DNA binding revealed by high-resolution analysis of sequence preferences. Cell 133(7): 1266-1276. *designates co-1st authors

De Silva EK, Gehrke AR, Olszewski K, León I, Chahal JS, Bulyk ML, Llinás M. 2008. Specific DNA-binding by apicomplexan AP2 transcription factors. PNAS 105(24): 8393-8398.

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